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How to Help Camp Bird

First and foremost, we ask for your continued prayers. We are blessed and privileged to be able to host Lutheran youth at Camp Bird and we know that if not for the grace of God we would not have this wonderful opportunity to provide youthful fellowship.

We are also always looking for the best Christian young adults to lead the cabins as counselors. Volunteer with the satisfaction that you will be helping Lutheran youth have an experience they will never forget. Who knows? Maybe you will have the time of your life too! Use our contact form for more information. You must be finished with your first year of high school in order to be eligible.

If you are a part of Thrivent Financial and are eligible to direct Thrivent Choice Dollars, you may choose to donate all or part of your Choice Dollars to Camp Bird for Lutherans, Inc. Please see Thrivent’s website for instructions on how to do so.

Camp Bird for Lutherans Inc. is a non-profit organization and we are always looking for donations to help us improve the Camp Bird experience. We are particularly in need of regular contributions to the Camper Assistance Fund. These donations go directly to families who are experiencing hardships that might preclude them from attending Camp Bird. To donate to the Camper Assistance Fund, please create an account here and select Donations from the menu. Alternatively, you may send checks. Please use the contact form to inquire for the address where checks should be sent.

If you would like new information about the best ways to include Camp Bird for Lutherans in your estate plan, then email us for a free telephone consultation with a qualified attorney that is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

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