Camp Bird Registration

Summer 2018 Sessions:
  • July 8-13 (full for boys and girls)
  • July 15-20 (full for boys and girls)
  • July 22-27 (full for boys and girls

It is exciting that all three weeks of Camp Bird for Lutherans 2018 are full to capacity.  Each week will accommodate 144 campers, 16 cabin counselors, and full senior staffs.  God has truly blessed our camp!

Parents, if you have not yet sent your camper’s medical and permission forms to, please do so immediately.  It is  important that you send that information in now so that (1) the Sunday registration process is shorter and easier, but even more importantly, that (2) the camp nurses have the opportunity to look over the paperwork before your camper arrives at camp.
We have the capability to print the forms immediately if you scan them and send them via the email address,

Thank you to everyone who has already turned in your paperwork!

We look forward to seeing you on July 8, July 15, or July 22.  As your camper packs for Camp Bird for Lutherans this summer, be sure to look over the clothing and supplies list that was sent to you on pages 5-6 of the  “Acceptance Packet” email attachment.

If you have questions, please call Andrea Stelter at 715-359-5202.

Paperwork can also be sent via snail mail to:
Andrea Stelter
Camp Bird for Lutherans
2502 Pointe Road
Weston, WI 54476

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the form. Need to know how to get to Camp? Check the directions page. Download the 2018 registration form.

The price for one child is $150. The cost is $110 for each additional child in the family. A registration fee of $100 for the first child and $60 for each additional child attending must accompany the application. The additional $50 is due when you arrive at camp. If you wish to send the full payment with the application, you may do so.

Please mail your completed registration form with appropriate registration fee to:

Andrea Stelter
Camp Bird for Lutherans 2502 Pointe Road Weston WI 54476

Please make checks payable to: Camp Bird for Lutherans Inc.

You will then receive an acceptance packet via email once your application has been processed. Parents, please read all pages of the acceptance packet as it contains important information, guidelines and papers on medical, health, demographics, and permissions forms for your camper. It is important to print the pages, completely fill them out and return them to the address listed above by June 15th. Parents, please schedule your camper’s physical to meet the deadline for returning paperwork in 2018. It is imperative that we have the medical and permission forms by the deadline. Instructions are on page 5 of the acceptance packet.

As an example, a family with 3 children attending Camp Bird would fill out 3 applications (one for each child). They would then mail those 3 applications along with a minimum $220 check ($100 for the first child, $60 for each additional child) to the address listed above. Camp Bird will then email an acceptance packet containing forms for the 3 children attending, along with additional Camp information. When the family arrives at camp for check-in, they would then pay the remaining balance of $150 ($50 for each child; for a grand total of $370 for the 3 children to attend Camp Bird).

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